An H&M Store In South Africa Was Completely Destroyed After Racist Monkey Ad Campaign

World-renowned clothing brand H&M recently came under fire after an item in their U.K. online lookbook featuring a young Black male model wearing a hoodie labeled "coolest monkey in the jungle" went viral.

Since then, regular consumers of the store have taken to social media to criticize their decision, prompting the company to eventually release a statement of apology. However, that hasn't proven to be enough for many as one of their stores in Gauteng, South Africa, was ransacked by disgruntled protesters, and it reportedly won't be the last.

According to Reuters, the Economic Freedom Fighters protesters have set their sights on six stores in the province of Johannesburg, where they proceeded to drag down displays and toss clothing and other products in the store onto the floor.

The site reports that police eventually had to intervene, firing off rubber bullets to make the protesters scatter.


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