Fashion Editor AND Journalist Jabria covers New York Fashion Week

My Inspiring First Trip to New York City

Let’s just say my trip to New York was all but boring. From missed flights to taking the subway the wrong direction for over 30 minutes, I should have done a bit more research on traveling to the Big City. My first day of New York I purchased a site-seeing pass from Groupon and visited the must-see landmarks, museums, and buildings of New York. I took a tour of the National September 11 Memorial and Museum and walked through Soho neighborhood to tour the art galleries and to observe the inner-city gentrification and cultural developments. The beautiful archways and European finishing’s of the town give New York it’s authentic look. I visited the Top of the Rock observation deck to observe Central Park and Midtown and attended street events on Times Square.

To save money, I recommend a loaded MetroCard to the subway, and tennis shoes to foot it to your destinations. Yellow Cab and Uber rates are outrageously priced due to high demand. For GPS, of course, I used my smartphone, but also always have an old fashion paper map on hand just for backup. Siri makes mistakes, too. Fortunately, I chose to visit New York during Fashion Week and got to attend the Couture Fashion Week Fashion Show at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Times Square. I captured photos of Vietnam Designer Van Valentines Couture and observed lots of street style photography sessions.

Mixed and cultured, there was a bar for everyone in Manhattan. Every corner you turned there was a food truck with an awesome menu, and no matter where you bought your pizza it tasted homemade with the right amount of grease and toppings. My last day in New York, I woke up bright and early to beat all the Brooklyn Bridge traffic (tourists and joggers) to capture photos of New York from the bridge. From the New York-style pizza and cheesecake to the unpredictable weather, New York City culture is everything it is said to be. The city really does not sleep.