My name is Jonathan, I am the Social Media Manager at Mikasa Beauty, a company that specializes in delivering quality makeup brushes with competitive pricing. This is a marketing campaign in hopes to introduce our brand to Instagram users and influencers, like yourself.

Our goal is to grow our company by developing relationships in a healthy community and you fit the profile of someone we would like to use our products. We want to offer you the opportunity to purchase our products at a discount of 40% off and also to receive our C110 Professional Quick Change Armband for free with any purchase.

Makeup Artists, Beauty Enthusiasts and Influencers that post high quality content using our brushes and tagging #MikasaBeauty, will have a chance of being featured. We are aiming to brand our Instagram Page with good Mikasa Beauty media, and we are nearing half a million followers.

We also have an Affiliate Program that you're welcome to join. Our affiliates are given a 25% Off Discount Code to share, and will also receive 15% commission for referral of sales.

If this opportunity interests you, please reply to this email and we will set you up with your personal discount.

We wish you a great day.

Kindest regards, Jonathan Alvarenga Social Media Manager | Instagram | 1.866.801.2898

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